New decentralized cloud storage service set to take on AWS

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Cloud storage company Storj Labs is launching a new decentralized service aimed at storing data more efficiently and providing additional revenue-generating opportunities for storage node operators.

Called Tardigrade -- in case you were wondering a tardigrade is an eight-legged water dwelling micro animal (or if you've watched 'Star Trek: Discovery' a sort of massive space-travelling flea) -- it offers cloud object storage that's S3 compatible, high performing, easily implemented, exceptionally durable, and with high availability.

"Decentralization benefits the cloud in many ways, and our first customers are already seeing how it improves security, privacy, and resiliency, while also lowering costs," says Ben Golub, Storj Labs executive chairman. "As the first decentralized cloud storage service backed by enterprise SLAs, Tardigrade is poised to make a huge impact on the cloud for business of all types, our partners, customers, and end-users."

Tardigrade has undergone extensive beta testing during which it achieved 100 percent file durability (with production SLA guarantees at 99.9999999 percent durability), performance on par or better than S3, and over 99.95 percent availability.

Using client-side encryption by default and spreading file pieces across 80 or more uncorrelated nodes, the Tardigrade platform is more secure and private than legacy cloud storage solutions, giving users the confidence that their data cannot be compromised or mined.

It's around half the price of AWS too. You can find out more about using Tardigrade for storage, or using your data center to become a host, on the Storj site.

Photo Credit: Sakonboon Sansri/Shutterstock

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