Zoom releases software update to improve passwords, protect meeting IDs and secure cloud recordings

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Zoom has been forced to take a long, hard look at its security and privacy in recent weeks. The company has not only put a pause on new features, it is focusing instead on making existing options more secure.

In an update to the software, Zoom has taken steps to improve the security of passwords, as well as introducing random IDs for meetings. The company has also enhanced password protection for meeting recordings stored in the cloud, and added other key security features.

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Having conducted a security audit of third-party file sharing via the likes of OneDrive and Dropbox, Zoom has now re-enabled the feature after temporarily removing it. Well-aware of the scrutiny it is under for numerous lapses in security and privacy, Zoom has used a blog post to highlight the changes it is introducing to help lock down the service.

Here's the full changelog for the software update:

  • Password requirements: For meetings and webinars, account owners and admins can now configure minimum meeting password requirements to adjust the minimum length and require letters, numbers, and special characters, or allow only numeric passwords. All free Basic accounts will have the alphanumeric option on by default.
  • Random meeting IDs: One-time randomly generated meetings IDs for newly scheduled meetings and webinars will be 11 digits instead of nine. Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) will remain the same.
  • Cloud recordings: Password protection for shared cloud recordings is now on by default for all accounts. We've also enhanced the complexity of passwords on your cloud recordings. Existing shared recordings are not affected.
  • Third-party file sharing: You can once again use third-party platforms, such as Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive, to share across the Zoom platform. We temporarily disabled this feature and have restored it after a full security review of the process.
  • Zoom Chat message preview: Zoom Chat users can hide the message preview for desktop chat notifications. If this is turned off, you'll simply be alerted that you have a new message without displaying any message content.

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