Malwarebytes launches its own VPN

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Well known for its endpoint protection and malware removal solutions, Malwarebytes is now moving into the online privacy space with the launch of its own VPN.

Malwarebytes Privacy aims to offer best-in-class encryption without compromising on performance. It doesn't log the user's online activities and it offers a choice of virtual servers from over 30 countries in order to protect their real location.


This is a timely release, with more people working from home it gives employees a simple, secure way to get access to all their critical work systems. It shows all the information you need to know -- whether the VPN is on or off, which server location is selected and your actual IP address plus the IP address being displayed -- on an easy-to-read dashboard.

"Today you can't go online without corporations, advertisers, and hackers trying to eavesdrop on you, and it's feeling increasingly invasive for consumers," says Akshay Bhargava, chief product officer at Malwarebytes. "With a single click, Malwarebytes Privacy gives you the power to protect your online privacy by masking your IP address and online activity. As more and more people are utilizing home networks today, it's increasingly imperative that we extend security to each and every person -- no matter where they are or what network they are using -- so that they can protect themselves and exert control over who gets their data, and for what purpose."

The VPN is intended to be the first offering in an emerging suite of privacy products from Malwarebytes. It costs $89.99 bundled with Malwarebytes Protection (£59.99 UK) for 12 months protection of up to five devices. You can also get Privacy as a standalone product for $59.99. It's available now from the Malwarebytes site or you can read more on the company's blog.

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