TEAMGROUP puts RGB lighting into a USB flash drive -- because why not?

RGB makes everything better, right? Keyboards, mice, RAM, and more — all are improved by the beautiful lighting effects. As far as I’m concerned, RGB lighting should be in everything. Hell, I’d be happy to have an RGB toilet bowl!

And now, RGB fans have yet another product to gush over — a USB flash drive. Yes, TEAMGROUP has managed to cram RGB into a thumb drive, and it is actually more than just cosmetic. Called “T-FORCE SPARK RGB,” the drive’s lighting color changes to tell the user the available storage capacity. For instance, the light will be blue when the drive is less than 81% full. When storage is between 81% and 92%, the color changes to yellow, and when 93% and above, it turns red. Cool, huh?

The company explains, “TEAMGROUP launches the T-FORCE SPARK RGB USB Flash Drive with a capless design and a sliding connector to avoid the problem of losing the cap. The RGB lighting effect is designed with gaming elements and smart capacity status indicator.  When connecting to Windows, the blue, yellow and red light will flash to display the capacity ratio during reading and writing. It shows current storage status easily, and this practical function can make a big leap forward in storage efficiency.”

TEAMGROUP shares specifications below.

Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.0/3.1)
Capacity 128GB
Color Black
Voltage DC+5V
Weight 25g
Data Transfer Rate Read: 180MB/s Max
Write: 90MB/s Max
Dimensions 60.9(L) x20.4 (W) x8.6 (H) mm
Warranty Lifetime warranty

Are you someone that has trouble choosing a capacity when buying a flash drive? I have good news; the SPARK only comes in only one size — 128GB. Unfortunately, pricing and availability are not yet known, but the drive should show up on Amazon here soon.

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