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Suffering a data breach is bad enough, but arguably worse is not knowing how much of your organization's data has been exposed as a result.

Now you can find out thanks to ImmuniWeb launching a free online service to check how bad a company/organisation's exposure is on the Dark Web and hacking resources.

Users can run a comprehensive Domain Security Test to discover Dark Web exposure and incidents simply by entering the main website URL of their company and waiting a few minutes to see the results. To prevent cybercriminals from using the new free service for unlawful purposes, no logins or passwords are displayed, instead an overall quantity, risk score and classification of data are provided.

ImmuniWeb dark web test

ImmuniWeb continuously monitors and crawls the Dark Web for stolen login credentials, data breaches, intrusions and other types of security incidents. The company’s Deep Learning AI technology analyses and ranks huge volumes of information from across the web, filtering and discarding the growing volume of fake, duplicate or irrelevant data, extracting critical insights and providing users with actionable data deserving their attention.

"Organizations of all sizes are incrementally exposed to perilous cyber threats stemming from the silent proliferation of their data on the Dark Web," Ilia Kolochenko, CEO and founder of ImmuniWeb says. "A perfectly secure web application, for instance, may swiftly fall victim to cybercriminals who find a valid pair of login credentials from an employee, thereby opening the door to an organization’s Crown Jewels. Worse, a steadily growing multitude of suppliers and vendors have privileged, and frequently uncontrolled, access to business-critical systems and a countless number of other applications. When a trusted third-party is compromised, it is virtually impossible to quickly detect and thus mitigate the incident. Further spread of outsourcing and a shift towards cloud and SaaS-based solutions gradually exacerbates the risk."

You can try the test for yourself by clicking here.

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