Plugable launches new line of USB-C adapters

Nowadays, many new laptops come with very few ports. In fact, some computers, such as Apple MacBook laptops, have no traditional USB-A ports, instead relying on USB-C exclusively. Sure, it looks clean and nice, but it limits functionality.

Thankfully, adding the needed connectivity to one of these USB-C only computers is just a dongle away. Today, Plugable releases a new line of USB-C adapters. This line is comprised of four dongles, three of which are for video out -- DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. The fourth is a Gigabit Ethernet adapter. They all feature flat cables and sleek bodies.


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"Built to withstand thousands of bends, ​these adapters feature updated chipsets and flat, tangle-resistant cables that open up more compatibility and connectivity options for Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C systems and are designed to last the wear and tear of everyday use. Under 2 inches in size and weighing less than a AA battery, these adapters are made to be compact and portable," explains Plugable.

All four USB-C adapters can be had today. Each carries the same $14.95 price, but for a limited time, you can check the coupon box on Amazon to get $2 off. This means you can get these high quality USB-C dongles for just $12.95 each! If you are interested, you can use the below links to purchase.


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