Thycotic extends its privileged access management range

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Privileged access management (PAM) specialist Thycotic is expanding its portfolio with the announcement of three new products.

It's launching Thycotic Remote Access Controller, Thycotic Cloud Access Controller and Thycotic Database Access Controller, following its acquisition of cloud security company Onion ID.

"With the sudden growth of remote workforces across the globe, privileged access security controls must also account for ordinary business users, like those in finance and marketing, who are accessing sensitive and privileged corporate data from untrusted devices on untrusted networks," says James Legg, president and CEO at Thycotic. "With the addition of Onion ID, we are now able to implement fine-tuned Role Based Access Controls across any web-based application, IaaS console, and cloud-hosted database, while providing flexible multi-factor authentication that gives security leaders a significantly easier way to ensure secure access paths for remote employees."

Remote Access Controller simplifies and automates the management of remote workers accessing the IT resources. It uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) and session recording, without requiring any software or browser extensions, to provide an advanced level of security granularity to enforce corporate security and compliance policies.

Cloud Access Controller ensures that administrators accessing IaaS platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SaaS applications like Salesforce and Twitter maintain appropriate role based access controls (RBAC) which dictate what each user can click, read, or modify within any web application.

Database Access Controller enables enterprises to adopt modern cloud databases from AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, Redis and others, while still enforcing appropriate access levels, MFA, and complete reporting and auditing workflows.

"The very definition of privileged access has undergone a paradigm shift due to the changing landscape of work -- from central offices to personal residences on the edge," says Jai Dargan, vice president of product management at Thycotic. "Legacy appliance-based PAM solutions have not been effective in extending privileged access controls to cloud environments and are simply unusable as password vaults for business users. This acquisition extends Thycotic's security umbrella over every user, application, and secret, securing high-risk cloud resources that have historically been the domain of conventional IAM vendors."

You can find out more and request a 30-day trial on the Thycotic site.

Photo credit: Pakhnyushcha / Shutterstock

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