IBM launches innovative encryption toolkit for MacOS and iOS


Usually files are encrypted while in storage or in transit but are decrypted in order to be used, providing a window of opportunity for hackers to access the information.

The technique of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) solves this problem by allowing the manipulation of data by permissioned parties while it remains encrypted, therefore minimizing the time it exists in its most vulnerable state.


However, FHE is more difficult to integrate into applications, which is why IBM is making available an FHE toolkit for MacOS, iOS with Linux and Android versions to follow soon. This allows developers with basic platform tool familiarity to get up and running with FHE just by following simple instructions

FHE is particularly suited to industries which are heavily regulated and make use of private and confidential data, such as finance and healthcare. The technology can make it possible to share financial information or patient health records broadly while still restricting access to all but the necessary data.

The new toolkits for macOS, and iOS are now available in GitHub now with Linux and Android versions expected in a few weeks. Each toolkit is based on HELib, the world's most mature and versatile encryption library, and includes sample programs making it easier to write FHE based code.

You can find out more on the IBM blog or in the video below.

Image Credit: Maksim Kabakou / Shutterstock

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