More tech companies issue statements about George Floyd's death and the continuing protests

Obviously, unless you've just returned from hiking the Appalachian Trail, you know the current events in the world. If you haven’t been absent from society then the news has been hard to avoid.

Now two more tech companies have added their voices to the incident in Minneapolis that involved four law enforcement officers and one citizen, George Floyd, and resulted in his death. Protests, some peaceful others violent, have broken out in cities across the US, including in small towns not accustomed to such events. They have even somewhat spread to other parts of the world, including London and Paris.


Many tech companies have stepped up and issued statements of support on the recent events and the Black Lives Matter movement, and now we’ve heard from, a service that contains a ton of historical information about all people in the world.

"Equality and racial justice are a shared responsibility. Ancestry stands in solidarity with the Black community and knows that Black Lives Matter. We recognize your pain and the feelings of fear and frustration over the injustices you face every day. Our hearts ache for the Floyd family, for their tragic loss, and for our communities as well," the genealogy company states.

Meanwhile, DVD kiosk and online streaming service Redbox issued the following statement: "These are clearly challenging times; times that break your heart. Times of anger and righteous frustration over injustice and systemic racism that have collectively crippled our country and hurt its citizens for far too long. For many of our Black employees and customers, they have been expected by society to suppress their feelings and their experiences of being devalued and marginalized, and to navigate and cope with being treated inhumanely and inequitable."

Not everyone thinks it's right for tech companies to get involved in what is a political and legal morass, but these are -- and continue to be -- extraordinary times.

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