Win a TCL 10 Pro Android smartphone in the BetaNews 'Welcome To Summer' giveaway!

Summer is here, but sadly, so too is COVID-19. True, much of the country is starting to "open up," but still, it is probably a good idea to limit your exposure to the public. Don't let that get you down, however, as there is plenty of summer fun to be had at home. If you have a yard, for instance, you can sunbathe and read books while laying on the grass. If you are lucky enough to own a pool, you can swim from the safety of your own property. Apartment dwellers can get in on the action too -- if you have a bathtub, you can sit in it and use your imagination to be transported to a tropical island (in your mind, at least).

Of course, just because it is the summer season, you don't have to do summery things. In fact, if you just want to sit on the couch with your smartphone and play games, watch movies, or listen to music, that is cool too. But what if your current smartphone stinks? Maybe it is slow, has bad battery life, or a cracked screen. If that is you, but you can't afford a new phone, don't worry -- we at BetaNews have five smartphones to give away! Best of all, it is a great smartphone -- the TCL 10 Pro. It has a beautiful screen with HDR support that is just perfect for watching Netflix!

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Entering the BetaNews "Welcome To Summer" giveaway couldn't be easier. Simply complete at least one of the entries below. You can increase your odds by completing more entries. We will pick the winners on July 4 -- the day the USA celebrates its independence. If you are one of the five winners, you can celebrate your independence from your old smartphone!

Win a TCL 10 Pro Android smartphone

Please note: We will pick 5 separate winners -- no one is eligible to win more than once. Also, to be eligible, you must have a shipping address in the United States.

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