Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.19.0 with dozens of fixes, stability enhancements and improved installer experience

PowerToys reboot

Microsoft has been making incredible progress with the return of the much-loved PowerToys utilities for Windows 10. Over a series of releases, the company has given tweakers and power users all manner of useful toys to play with.

Now PowerToys v0.19.0 is here, and Microsoft has gone on a bug-fixing rampage, fixing more than 100 issues. This release also sees improvements to the annoying installer.

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Microsoft says that it has "one big goal" for this release, and that was to "add in stability / quality fixes". And that's precisely what the company has done. The changelog below shows just a selection of the huge number of bug fixes that have been introduced. And there is good news for anyone who has been frustrated by the PowerToys installation process thus far:

We've improved our installer experience and parts will start coming online in 0.19 and 0.20. In this release, it will be the last time during upgrade you'll see Windows Explorer flash on you. For 0.20, the .NET Core install experience much smoother.

The release notes and changelog for PowerToys v0.19 are as follows:

Known issues still for PT Run

  • Newly installed apps can't be found #3553
    • We have a fix but came in too late for 0.19
  • CPU / Memory, still investigating #3208
    • We fixed one item and have leads on other improvements
  • WinKey remapping for PT Run can be quirky #4578

PowerToys Run

  • Now using low level hooks so can remap Alt+Space to a WinKey based shortcut #2325
  • PWAs correctly recognized #3199
  • Dev mode apps can't be found #3330
  • Duplicate results due to roaming profile data #3180
  • Steam games not found #3425
  • Hidden files not in results #3449
  • Theming improvements #3485
  • Missing icons #3541
  • Supress Alt-F4 #3796
  • Network paths don't work #4096
  • Search environment path by default #4200
  • Search desktop by default #4056
  • Can't find Terminal #3974
  • Can't find ClickOnce apps #4025
  • Start typing text is visible then disappears on cold start #2974
  • Tabbing highlight issue for context menu #2559#3483
  • Context menu buttons showing up when hovering with mouse #2420
  • Placement shutters with monitors #3535#3018](#3018)
  • blank result box when there's nothing on search query #3186
  • Result box sizing issue #2456


  • Detect when pattern matching is used #1002


  • Outlook new email windows snapped to last used zone #1192
  • Teams notifications don't snap #1931
  • Improved multi-thread design. #961
  • Multiple Virtual Desktop Fixes. #2725#2684, [#2678]#2678), #2633

Keyboard manager

  • Key remappings stay active when flipping to Japanese IME #3397
  • Tab fix when remap Ctrl/Alt #3294
  • Fix remapping to alt-tab/win+space style shortcuts #3331
  • Fixed remapping to Extended keys (Home, End, Ins, Del, Pg, Arrow keys) #3478
  • Games having incorrect key mapping #3647
  • Fixed numlock remap #3277
  • Stability fixes


  • Settings v2 is blanked #3384
  • "Check for update" actually checks for update vs goes to GH page #2535
  • Docs point to redirection URL now so we can update without updating app #3088
  • Multiple UX improvements
  • Start at login not being respected #3875
  • Now using low level hooks so can remap Alt+Space to a WinKey based shortcut #2325
  • Warning added for invalid input in hotkeys for [#3992](FZ Settings #3992)


  • Can uninstall via control panel #2012
  • After 0.19.0, Explorer won't restart #2730
  • Multiple build system improvements to reduce conflicts #3809#3812#3867#3948

You can download the latest version of PowerToys here.

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