Microsoft pushes out another update to PowerToys for Windows 10


Ah, PowerToys… how much we love thee! After reviving the much-loved utilities for Windows 10, Microsoft has wasted no time in releasing update after update, adding more and more tools and refining this incredible software.

It's only a week since the release of PowerToys v0.19.0, but the development team already has a new version for you to try out.

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Before you get too excited, it's worth pointing out that the newly released PowerToys v0.19.1 is essentially a bug-fixing release, but it's no less important for that. On Twitter, Clint Rutkas from the PowerToys team explains that a sextuplet of issues have been addressed with this release:

The full changelog looks like this:

  • #4578- WinKey for PT Run throws a lot of false positives
  • #4578>#4646- FancyZones: When "Hold Shift key" is deactivated, Shift key should deactive FancyZones
  • #4578>#4625- [Run] Search text not updating on up/down navigation
  • #4578>#4432- Mitigated the race condition in os detection
  • #4578>#2047- Memory leak in PT Run
  • #4578>#4647- Fix remapped shortcuts not getting activated in succession

Microsoft says that it is also aware of a problem with Settings not opening after it has been closed while minimized. This issue was previously fixed, but it has reared its head once again; it will be fixed when PowerToys v0.20 is released.

In the meantime, you can grab PowerToys v0.19.1 here.

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