Logitech kills the Harmony Express -- but that's not such a bad thing

A little over a year ago, we told you about Logitech's Harmony Express -- a really cool remote control that utilized the power of Alexa. At the time, it looked like a revolutionary product, but apparently, it has not been popular with consumers. You see, Logitech has decided to kill the remote. No, I don't mean it is just being discontinued -- it will stop functioning entirely later this year! Yep, on September 30, it will become essentially worthless. Logitech says this is because "our expectations were not met for this kind of Harmony remote."

Yikes! That sounds like catastrophic news for the people that spent $250 on the Harmony Express -- they will soon be stuck with a pricey paperweight, right? Actually, no. Logitech -- being a classy company -- is making it right. Believe it or not, owners of the remote will be offered a full refund regardless of when they bought it (as long as they have proof of the purchase). Crazy, right? Even better, rather than opt for money, consumers can instead choose to swap their Harmony Express for a Harmony Elite, which typically sells for more than $300!

In an announcement to Harmony Express owners, Logitech says the following.

As a valued customer, we want to minimize any inconvenience to you. Starting today, Harmony Express owners can have their unit replaced with a Harmony Elite, completely free of charge. Harmony Elite is our flagship experience featuring a powerful programmable controller for AV and smart home control that works with other Amazon Alexa devices to enable voice control. Alternatively, Harmony Express owners can request a full refund of their purchase price, which is subject to proof of purchase requirements.

If you are the owner of a Harmony Express, you can find details about reimbursement here. Please know, you must submit your claim by December 31. Since the remote will stop functioning in September, however, there is really no excuse for missing that deadline. My advice? Just do it now while it is fresh in your mind -- why prolong the inevitable?

For those that are affected, will you choose a refund or the Harmony Elite? Please tell me in the comments below.

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