You can now watch Netflix on Nest Hub and Hub Max, but you probably shouldn't

My first experience with a home voice assistance was Amazon Echo. You know what? It was life changing. While asking Alexa questions was neat, the real value was linking it to my smart home devices. It may not seem like a big deal in 2020, but the first time I turned on a lamp with my voice it was magical. Over time, I mostly transitioned to Google Home, however, as I found the search giant's assistant to be superior.

Not to mention, I fell in love with the Nest Hub -- a hardware assistant that I keep on my nightstand next to my bed. I trust it in my bedroom as it doesn't have a camera, but I digress. As a YouTube TV subscriber, I can even watch the TV service on the 7-inch screen, but I really don't. Why? Because I have a larger TV in the same room. That's why today's news that you can watch Netflix on Nest Hub and Hub Max doesn't really excite me. Is there a legitimate scenario where someone would use one of those devices to regularly watch Netflix video?

"Netflix is rolling out on Nest smart displays globally wherever the service and Nest devices are currently available. If you have a Netflix subscription, simply link your account in the Google Home or Assistant app and you can play Netflix movies, TV shows and documentaries by using your voice. Say, 'Hey Google, play Queer Eye' to start streaming instantly, or try, 'Hey Google, open Netflix' to scroll through select content and start watching with a simple tap. Hands tied up while you’re cooking? Just pause, play or skip forward with a simple ask. Or if you're watching on your Hub Max while doing the dishes or making dinner, Quick Gestures lets you easily pause or resume your video -- just look at the device and raise your hand," explains Kate Whittington, Product Marketing Manager, Google Nest.

Don't get me wrong, having the option to watch Netflix on these devices is certainly appreciated, but I just don't really foresee consumers using it beyond testing the feature or showing it off as a gimmick. This is particularly true on the regular Hub with its small screen. I suppose the Hub Max with its 10-inch display may be more tolerable for watching films and TV shows, however.

Do you own a Nest Hub or Hub Max? Do you think you would ever really sit down and watch Netflix on it? Please tell me in the comments below.

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