PowerToys v0.20 is ready to impress with fixes and a new toy

PowerToys reboot

Since the beloved PowerToys was resurrected for Windows 10, Microsoft has been busy pushing out new versions with fixes and new tools -- although it has been a little while since new utilities were added.

With PowerToys v0.20, however, this change. Not only are there the bug fixes and improvements you'd expect in a new version, there is also a new tool to play with: ColorPicker.


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The bad news is that PowerToys v0.20 is not available right now -- but it's really not far off. Microsoft's Clint Rutkas says that if everything goes according to plan, the new version of the utility will be released by the end of the month.

Initially, the functionality of the ColorPicker tool is described as "basic", but it's possible more functionality will be added over time. For now, here's what you can expect to see in the tool:

  • Color picker appears when activation shortcut pressed (configurable in the settings)
  • Color picker follows the mouse cursor and shows the actual color that is below the cursor
  • Scroll up will cause Zoom Window to open for a better color picking precision
  • Left mouse click will copy that color into a clipboard in a predefined format (setting)
  • Changes cursor when picking a color (can be turned off)
  • Color picker is multimonitor/multi DPI aware. It respects monitors' boundaries and stays always in the view (predefined safe zones in top, bottom, left, right sides of a monitor)

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