New Chrome extension provides security check on open source code

xs:code Insights

Developers frequently make use of open source components in order to speed up projects and save them having to reinvent tasks. But this can lead to the introduction of hidden security risks.

Now though open source marketplace xs:code is launching a new, free Chrome extension, xs:code Insights, which provides users with intuitive, in-depth analytics on open source repositories, including repository score, security analysis, maintenance and activity status, reviews, ratings and more.


The new extension helps developers make an educated decision about which open source repositories to use in their projects. As well as getting support, bug fixes and custom features for the repositories they're already using -- all directly from the repository's owner.

There's collaboration with developer-focused cybersecurity company Snyk which provides real time updates about the security vulnerabilities of code, as a developer is writing or updating it.

"xs:code Insights is the first tool of its kind and will save developers using open source code countless hours," says Netanel Mohoni, CEO of xs:code. "The information the app displays at the click of a button is invaluable, and the connection we provide to the original developer is extremely useful. The partnership with Snyk is further validation of the quality and value that we are providing to the open source community. We believe Insights will help more software companies discover our platform and discover more ways of working together, making open source better, for everyone."

Early access to the extension is available now via the xs:code site.

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