Plugable launches affordable USBC-MD103 USB-C Multiport Adapter for Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and iPad Pro

USB-C is definitely the connector of the future, and many manufacturers have embraced it as the only port on their laptops. Apple MacBook and the Dell XPS 13, for instance, only have Thunderbolt 3, which uses USB-C. If you want to connect legacy devices (USB-A, Ethernet, HDMI, etc.) you will need to use dongles or docks. Some companies include dongles in the box, but as you can expect, Apple does not.

Actually, Apple is happy to sell you its USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter for a sky-high $69! That is highway robbery. Almost 70 bucks for a USB-A port, HDMI, and power delivery pass through? Insanity. Thankfully, Plugable is today launching a very similar product (nearly identical) for a fraction of the cost! And not only will it work with an Apple MacBook or iPad Pro, but Windows 10 and Linux computers too. The HDMI port is capable of 4K, the USB port is 3.0 speed, and the USB-C power delivery port supports up to 60W.

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"This multiport adapter is the perfect solution for consumers looking to enhance their work from home set-ups without the added clutter, at an affordable price. The adapter is a high-quality alternative to Apple’s USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Easily connect an external monitor, USB device and your USB-C power adapter to a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 system so you can turn your laptop or tablet into a productive workspace," says Plugable.

The company further says, "As laptops become thinner and lighter, consumers are losing precious port space. With more people working from home on personal laptops or operating on a hybrid home-to-office schedule, it's become nearly impossible to stay as productive. A dongle like this 3-in-1 multiport adapter has become essential to getting ports back and increasing your ability to multitask. Whether you have a small home workspace or like to keep your office desk free of clutter, Plugable's USB-C Multiport Adapter is the all-in-one solution."

So, just how much does the Plugable USBC-MD103 USB-C Multiport Adapter cost? It can be purchased from Amazon here today for just $24.95. For a limited time, however, you can save an additional $5, meaning it can be had for less than 20 bucks. That is an absolute steal compared to Apple's offering that costs more than triple the price!

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