New solution delivers faster detection of and response to threats


It's important for security teams to be able to respond quickly and effectively to threats and part of being able to do that is having good intelligence.

With this in mind, Netenrich is launching two new tools, Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free global threat intelligence tool, and Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) combine to deliver rich, actionable context for faster, more proactive response to known and emerging cyber threats.

Together these form an integrated threat and attack surface intelligence solution to help enterprises reduce their digital brand exposure while overcoming skills gaps. ASI lets security teams continuously see what their adversaries see as they target the brand online and via their shadow IT. KNOW provides free global threat information that lets defenders learn about, search, and gain context into malicious activity faster.

"Threat intelligence and internal telemetry only paint a portion of the picture that does not always show the riskiest parts of the infrastructure," says Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Netenrich. "With automation, context, and an outside-in perspective, we are changing the dynamic for SecOps, enabling them to focus on the most important risks in a timely fashion."

The free global news engine, KNOW, curates insight from trusted sources and provides context vetted by Netenrich experts, ultimately reducing time analysts spend manually researching the latest cyber threats. It also goes deeper than competing solutions by delivering detailed context on specific threats and threat indicators.

Anyone can subscribe to KNOW for free to get the latest cybersecurity news and threat updates in one curated and automated tool. You can can learn more about ASI on the Netenrich site.

Image Credit: underverse /Shutterstock

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