Star Wars sucks, but these Baby Yoda ears for Amazon Echo Dot look sort of cool

Star Wars sucks. There, I said it. Other than A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, the films are all horrible nonsense. Many current fans of the franchise are older men simply clinging to nostalgia. It's sad that Disney takes advantage of them, cranking out terrible new films and TV shows while selling them plastic tchotchkes. For the love of God, people, please stop buying figurines and make-believe laser swords.


If for some reason you are still a fan of the Star Wars franchise, I have some good news. You know that TV show The Mandalorian on Disney+? Remember that Baby Yoda puppet thing that fanboys went gaga over? Well, you can soon have Baby Yoda ears for you 3rd gen Amazon Echo Dot. Yeah, it is an Echo Dot holder with friggin' Baby Yoda ears jutting out from the sides. It is just for decoration, and it adds no features to the device.

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Even though I am not a fan of Star Wars (Star Trek is much better), I must confess that these Baby Yoda ears for Echo Dot do look sort of cool. While it won't start shipping until August 20, you can pre-order the Echo Dot Baby Yoda ears here for $25 now. Surprising, the manufacturer is Otterbox -- a much-respected maker of durable smartphone cases. I suppose that means the ear-holder will be well built.

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