Philo gets Google Chromecast support

Around the world, many consumers are cutting cable, opting instead for online TV streaming services such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Hulu+Live TV to name a few. Another streaming TV service, Philo, isn't the most comprehensive option, but it is one of the cheapest at just $20 monthly for more than 50 channels.

Today, Philo gets a new feature that subscribers should absolutely love -- Chromecast support. Called "Philo Connect," subscribers can now choose to "cast" what they are watching on an Android device to their TV via a Chromecast dongle (or television with integrated Chromecast).

"Chromecast support has been one of our most requested features, allowing subscribers to play Philo content on television screens. We wanted to go beyond just Chromecast support to create a better way to seamlessly watch content on all of your devices, a feature we are calling Philo Connect," explains Andrew McCollum, Philo CEO.

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Devon Ray Williams, Head of Product, further explains, "At Philo, every addition to our product is scrutinized and tested to bring true value to our subscribers. We took the time to build Philo Connect to expand our experience to support synchronized viewing on all your devices, not just Chromecast. Today's launch has laid the groundwork for us to support social viewing and watch parties between multiple users, no matter where they are."

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To be honest, I was shocked to find out that Philo didn't already have Chromecast support. I knew it was a no-frills TV service, but I never thought it would forgo compatibility with Google's ubiquitous little dongle! As a YouTube TV user, I suppose I am just spoiled. Oh well. Philo has Chromecast support now, and that is all that matters.

While this new feature is only available on Android, Philo plans to eventually add it to its iOS app too.

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