OWC Rover Pro is a more affordable set of wheels for Apple Mac Pro

Apple's Mac Pro (2019) desktop computer is beautiful, elegant, powerful... and very expensive. For the Apple faithful, overpaying for hardware is par for the course. After all, if you love macOS, you don't really have much of a choice beyond building a Hackintosh. But even some of the biggest Mac fans balked at the $700 asking price for the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit -- a set of four wheels to make the desktop more portable in an office setting. Seriously, folks, the company charges $175 per wheel!

Thankfully, popular Apple-focused third-party seller OWC has decided to roll out (pun intended) a more affordable set of wheels. Called "Rover Pro," it is currently just $199. That is only $50 per wheel, which is much more reasonable. Best of all, unlike the Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit which requires a special flexible screwdriver (that you must buy separately), OWC's offering utilizes a toolless design.

"The OWC Rover Pro is the innovative mobility solution for the 2019 Mac Pro. The patent-pending design enables your Mac Pro to go 'wheels on/wheels off' in under two minutes while saving time and money vs the factory wheel kit. No tools, no hassle, no worry: simply place your Mac Pro's factory feet into the Rover Pro's polished stainless-steel housings and secure with a few hand twists. When you're done moving your Mac Pro around, the Rover Pro allows quick and easy conversion back to the factory feet for stationary use," explains OWC.

The Apple-focused company also says, "Industrial-strength soft rubber tread wheels with 360-degree articulating rotation and low friction bearings let you move your 2019 Mac Pro silently and effortlessly on any surface. Pull it across the studio, rotate it under your desk for convenient port access… the Rover Pro lets you easily put your Mac Pro where you want it while safely preserving your floor's finish. The Rover Pro includes wheel stops that prevent any unintended movement. When not in use, the stops conveniently clip to the casters so they're immediately ready to help get the job done wherever you need to with a wheel kit built for rolling and securing a 2019 Mac Pro on any surface."

OWC shares features of the wheel set below:

  • Unique: patent-pending made in USA design
  • Fast toolless install: hand tightens in under 2 minutes
  • Highly positional: 360-degree articulating wheels
  • Smooth and silent: non-marking soft rubber tread wheels with low friction bearings
  • Elegant: highly polished stainless-steel matches the Mac Pro
  • Protective: vibration absorbing silicone rubber pad preserves factory feet finish
  • Secure: wheel stops prevent unintended movement
  • Quality: built to be the best and backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

The OWC Rover Pro can be pre-ordered here immediately. Unfortunately, the wheels won't begin shipping until next month. While they are only $199 today, OWC seems to imply they will eventually go up to $249 after the pre-order period, so if you want them, you should definitely order them ASAP.

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