New development environment streamlines the creation of business apps


Low-code techniques help businesses to develop applications quickly, but in some cases they can lead to added complexity.

With the launch of OXIDE, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), JourneyApps is seeking to combine the speed and efficiency of low-code platforms with the flexibility and power of professional development, all in a single platform.


"In recent years we've seen low-code become an appropriate solution for businesses to develop simple apps really quickly -- however, there is much higher ROI for companies in building more powerful apps that address harder digitization and automation problems," says Conrad Hofmeyr, CEO of JourneyApps. "The problem is that when you're using low-code/no-code platforms and apps become more complex, the visual point-and-click development approach becomes unwieldy and the speed of development slows down dramatically. On the other hand, IT groups are so backlogged that it's not feasible for them to build all these apps using their traditional professional development tools. This is why there is a clear need for an app development platform that allows complex apps to be built primarily with code in a rapid and highly productive way -- which is exactly what OXIDE is pioneering."

OXIDE allows apps to be built using a combination of code and visual tools. Logic is developed using JavaScript or TypeScript, but screen layouts and data models are built using either visual tools or code and developers are able to instantly switch between the two. It allows developers to build cross-platform apps that automatically run on any supported device type and operating system (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux) without additional configuration. In addition any app built in OXIDE can be run as a web app in a browser -- making it ideal for use cases like customer portals.

Live co-editing and GitHub integration also allows developers to collaborate easily in real-time and from anywhere too. OXIDE has been extensively tested via an early access program in a variety of industries prior to its launch.

You can find out more on the JourneyApps site.

Photo Credit:  kentoh/Shutterstock

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