Spotify launches new Collaborative Playlist features

Spotify Collaborative Playlists

Spotify has announced a series of upgrades and additions to its Collaborative Playlists feature, making it easier than ever to compile playlists with friends and family.

The changes simplify the process of adding new contributors to a playlist so they can start adding songs, as well as making it easy to see who is working with you on a particular playlist. Spotify says the changes are being introduced to help people feel closer together during the current climate.

Announcing the new features, Spotify says: "Over the past six months, music and podcasts have brought people together like never before -- especially when it comes to playlist collaborations. That's why starting today, we're giving our Collaborative Playlist feature an upgrade, so users around the world can continue feeling close to their friends and loved ones through the power of music and podcasts, even from afar".

The company goes on to say: 

Collaborative playlists are a great way to swap podcast recommendations, share your latest music discoveries, and build the perfect playlist -- together. Look out for four fresh new updates, including a new Add User button in the playlist header (to easily invite others to contribute); a list displaying user avatars in the playlist header (to see who else is contributing); and finally, new user avatars in front of each track or episode (to see exactly who contributed what, and perhaps make fun of their questionable choices).

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