BullGuard launches new anti-malware range with machine learning and multi-layer protection

BullGuard 2021 premium

BullGuard has announced its new 2021 security suite, featuring Dynamic Machine Learning, which continuously monitors all processes on a user's device, enabling real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behavior before it can do damage.

The new suite also offers Multi-Layered Protection which uses six layers -- Safe Browsing, Dynamic Machine Learning, Sentry Protection for Zero-Day Malware, an On-Access AV Engine, a Firewall and a Vulnerability Scanner -- to defend the user’s devices from malware, without the need for user interaction.

These layers work together to create a buffer between the internet and each device BullGuard 2021 is installed on, designed to catch inbound and local malware, any erroneous outbound communication to the internet, phishing scams and more.


BullGuard 2021 also offers improved application performance while reducing system resource usage, including significantly reduced virus definition file sizes. Other enhancements include identity protection, with additional support for international phone numbers and bank accounts, that ensures accurate monitoring of dark web platforms where stolen user data is sold or traded. There's also an improved Game Booster that now includes support for anti-cheat engines and uninterrupted video performance while broadcasting during gameplay.

"Unlike the majority of other cybersecurity solutions, BullGuard's Dynamic Machine Learning protection continually monitors all processes on your device, enabling real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behavior, even if malware attempts to cut your internet connection," says Paul Lipman, CEO of BullGuard. "BullGuard 2021 is ideal for consumers who want 'set-it-and-forget-it' cybersecurity that works behind-the-scenes to provide the best endpoint protection against today's known and zero-day threats."

The product line is being offered in three versions:

  • BullGuard Antivirus, Windows only, one PC, 1-year subscription -- $29.95 (£24.95 UK)
  • BullGuard Internet Security, multi-platform (Windows, Android and macOS), three devices, 1-year subscription -- $59.95 (£49.95 UK)
  • BullGuard Premium Protection, multi-platform (Windows, Android, macOS), ten devices, 1-year subscription -- $99.95 (£69.95 UK)

You can find out more on the BullGuard site.

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