TEAMGROUP DDR5 memory is coming

If you're like me, almost nothing is as exciting as building a new PC. Picking out the perfect components from stores like Amazon and Newegg can feel like being a kid in a candy shop. It is just so much fun to select a processor, motherboard, RAM, power supply, and more.

Over time, computer components get better and faster, and next year, we are apparently going to see a huge upgrade to RAM. You see, the PC memory market has been a bit stale, as we have been using DDR4 for quite a while now. Well, in 2021, company TEAMGROUP is promising to deliver next-generation DDR5 RAM sticks!

"TEAMGROUP is leading the way with its first DDR5 memory under its global top-selling ELITE memory product line. It plans to release a 16GB 4800MHz module operating at 1.1V, down from the 1.2V of the previous generation. The data transfer rate is increased to 4,800–5,200 Mbps, an increase of up to 1.6 times while reducing power consumption by 10 percent. Today's DDR4 memory with error correction code (ECC) requires an additional chip installed on the PCB, whereas DDR5 supports on-die ECC, a feature that self-corrects single-bit errors, greatly improving system stability," says TEAMGROUP.


The company further says, "TEAMGROUP has made ample preparations in 2020 to take the lead in the DDR5 market and will coordinate its releases with the DDR5 platforms of the top two CPU manufacturers, Intel and AMD. The company’s DDR5 memory is expected to be available as early as Q3 2021. TEAMGROUP has always stood out as a global leader and will continue to do so as it brings more powerful and stable next-generation products to consumers worldwide."

So unfortunately, DDR5 memory is not just around the corner, instead coming in the second half of next year. While waiting is not fun, there is a benefit to it -- you can save up to build a new computer, as your existing motherboard will absolutely not be compatible with DDR5. Not to mention, early adopters may have to pay a premium. Ultimately, the move to DDR5 is likely to be a pricey affair at first.

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