Linux Foundation launches open source identity and access management platform

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Verifying digital identity is fundamental to building trust in online security and conducting commercial and personal transactions safely. But it can also prove a performance headache for businesses.

Non-profit organization, The Linux Foundation, is today announcing the launch of the Janssen Project, a cloud native identity and access management software platform that prioritizes security and performance.

Other identity and access management platforms exist of course, but the Janssen Project is looking to tackle the most challenging security and performance requirements. Engineers from IDEMIA, F5, BioID, Couchbase and Gluu will make up the project's Technical Steering Committee.


Based on the latest code that powers the Gluu Server -- which has passed more OpenID self-certification tests then any other platform -- Janssen starts with a rich set of signing and encryption functionality that can be used for high assurance transactions. It's shown throughput of more than one billion authentications per day, so the software can also handle the most demanding requirements for concurrency thanks to Kubernetes auto-scaling and advances in persistence.

The Gluu engineering teams have chosen the Linux Foundation to host this community because of the Foundation's priority of transparency in the development process and its formal framework for governance to facilitate collaboration among commercial partners.

"Trust and security are not competitive advantages--no one wins in an insecure society with low trust,” says Mike Schwartz, chair of the Janssen Project Technical Steering Committee. "In the world of software, nothing builds trust like the open source development methodology. For organizations who cannot outsource trust, the Janssen Project strives to bring transparency, best practices and collective governance to the long term maintenance of this important effort. The Linux Foundation provides the neutral and proven forum for organizations to collaborate on this work."

You can find out more about the project on GitHub.

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