Exium launches secure 5G network as a service

5G circuit board

As noted in our 5G predictions roundup at the end of last year, one of the concerns about the rollout is that it introduces extra risks.

In order to provide a safer option Exium is launching its Secure 5G network as a service, based on emerging clean network standards being promoted by the US Department of State, the EU and others.

"The only way to be sure a network is clean is architecting and building it from the bottom up. The recent spate of cyberattacks were possible because outdated, proprietary systems are still being used across organizations," says Farooq Khan, founder, and CEO at Exium.


Exium's 5G network service is built on an open, programmable, reliable, and software-driven Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh that treats the internet itself as zero trust and relies on strong encryption for all data transmitted, processed, or stored anywhere on it. This approach enables secure and private end-to-end connectivity and provides the ability to securely operate anywhere and anytime, regardless of the environment, even on underlying networks that might be compromised.

It employs internationally accepted digital trust standards and doesn't use any legacy software or untrusted hardware. All traffic runs on cloud-infrastructure and global backbone built and operated exclusively by US companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

"We further enhance safety and security for our customers with the Silicon Root of Trust technology. Apple uses hardware security for some of its services like biometric data, for Face or Touch ID, as well as Apple Pay data. We extend hardware security to all applications and services on all devices. Every single bit transmitted over the network is protected with high-grade encryption rooted in the silicon," adds Khan.

Exium's 5G clean network service is available on six continents. The service is device and access agnostic, and users can benefit from 5G clean network security and privacy on 4G, Wi-Fi, fiber, cable or satellite networks. The service natively works with 5G devices without requiring any software updates. For non-5G devices, including Windows and Mac computers, a 5G software app is required.

You can find out more on the Exium site.

Image credit: denisismagilov/depositphotos.com

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