Razer releases Anzu smart glasses with Bluetooth audio and eye protection

Do you remember Google Glass? It was the search giant's attempt at smart glasses, but it failed spectacularly. Why? Well, they were ugly, overly ambitious, and had a camera that made people nervous. So, yeah, consumers really weren't ready to have a computer on their face.

Razer has some new smart glasses that consumers may actually want, however. Called "Anzu," they feature Bluetooth audio, eye protection, and the ability to summon a smart assistant. Best of all, they resemble regular glasses, so you won't look like a giant nerd -- the way Google Glass made its users appear. Anzu even comes with swappable sunglass lenses, so they can protect your eyes from the sun -- not just a computer monitor.

"Anzu is an all-in-one solution to filter out the damaging light of digital devices and the sun, adding a much-needed element of protection to stylish smart eyewear. The best-in-class package is complete with pre-installed 35 percent blue light filtering lenses to protect from screen glare, reducing digital eyestrain so eyes feel fresh and focused while enjoying entertainment or working. For outdoor activities, replacement polarized lenses are included in the retail bundle to shield eyes from 99 percent of UVA/UVB rays, "says Razer.


The gaming company further says, "Open-ear wireless sound and the use of Razer’s low-latency Bluetooth technology offer consumers greater immersion and convenience to enjoy work-play lifestyles. A less-than 48g light weight and ergonomic design delivers a comfortable fit for extended use, particularly during work-from-home sessions. Razer Anzu will be available from Best Buy and Razer.com in fashionable rectangular or round frame designs, each in two sizes with subtle branding adorning the durable and flexible frame hinges meant for easy storage."

Razer shares features of these smart glasses below.

  • Advanced Eye Protection Bundle -- Blue light lenses filter by 35 percent. Polarized replacement sunglass lenses provide 99 percent UVA/UVB protection.
  • Razer Low Latency Audio -- Industry-leading 60ms low latency Bluetooth.
  • Open-Ear Design -- Immersive audio and discreet omnidirectional mic built into the frame.
  • Touch-Enabled and Voice Assistant Compatible -- Play media, manage calls, and use smartphone voice assistants.
  • More than 5 hours of battery life -- When folded up and not in use, it also conserves power by shutting off automatically.
  • Water-Resistant IPX4 Design - Splash-proof for sweat and moist weather.

There is some good news about the Razer Anzu smart glasses -- and some bad. Starting with the positive, they are quite affordable at $199 and can be purchased here immediately. The negative, you see, is there is no option for prescription lenses, nor are there different sizes for those with very wide or narrow faces.

In other words, Anzu should work great for those without corrective lenses, or those that only wear contact lenses. For those that only wear corrective glasses, these are pretty much worthless. Also, they seem to be a one-size-only affair, so if you have a wide face, for instance, these will probably be very uncomfortable.

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