Fear of automation is part of the pandemic


We’re nowhere close to being out of the woods just yet, with COVID-19 death rates in the US still averaging around a 1,000 a day, but we're starting to get there at last thanks in part to a robust vaccination program.

However, the after-effects of the pandemic's impact will linger long after the illness subsides. According to new research, a lot of people are losing their jobs as a result of automation. 


Recent research by the University of Phoenix uncovered some interesting and possibly scary data. The biggest finding is that 22 percent of workers will not be returning to their jobs because they were automated during their absence. 42 percent more are stressed that the same fate awaits them.

One in four people are stressed about their jobs, and it’s higher among women. One in three claim COVID-19 has derailed their careers. Those numbers are concerning to say the least. 

"The pandemic has only exacerbated the career challenges of American workers -- the increase of automation, the widening skills gap, financial insecurity, mental wellness, and balancing parenting and home life -- yet despite this, there is optimism," said University of Phoenix President Peter Cohen.

Should more people worry? Automation was already underway, but the pandemic seems to have intensified it. 

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