Eight out of 10 businesses struggle with data quality

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A new survey carried out by Researchscape for data management company Ataccama reveals that 79 percent of executives and 75 percent of line of business users face problems with data quality.

With 78 percent of organizations relying on data more when compared to the year before the pandemic this is a major problem, as using poor quality data in analytics and AI initiatives can lead to misinformed business decisions.

Business users are also more bogged down by manual data processes than ever before, with over half of users (55 percent) needing to transform data to fit their purpose and 44 percent of users needing to wait a day or more to get help from a more technical user or team for their data needs.


Use of inappropriate tools is a problem too, with 74 percent of business users still using Excel to exchange and manage data, while 69 percent of users rely on email attachments.

To help address these issues the company is launching Ataccama ONE Gen2, a new platform which consolidates data quality, master data management, a data catalog, data governance, data integration, and other data management capabilities to maintain data integrity across the organization.

"Although it's a known problem in our space, it is interesting to see just how long it takes for users to get quality, actionable data. Any organization where users have to wait for access to high quality data is falling behind the competition," says Michal Klaus, CEO of Ataccama. "The next generation of the Ataccama ONE platform helps organizations build a resilient data strategy that automates mundane, error-prone data processes and empowers businesses with the data readiness they need to provide high-quality data to the users who need it -- driving innovation and value creation with data. This high-speed access to data frees up the time and resources users need to spend time focusing on activities that really matter to the business."

You can find out more on the Ataccama site or visit the Ataccama Innovate virtual conference which begins today.

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