Guardicore microsegmentation extends zero trust to legacy platforms


Protecting legacy systems usually means segmenting them from points of compromise in the network. But the traditional approach using a legacy firewall for each machine is ineffective and costly.

Microsegmentation specialist Guardicore is announcing new capabilities for its Guardicore Centra product extending zero trust policies and granular microsegmentation to legacy systems including IBM iSeries AS/400 servers.

AS/400 technology dates back to the 1980s but is still one of the most used legacy servers in the world with more than 100,000 companies across banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and other critical industries relying on the machines.


With this latest announcement Guardicore Centra secures more legacy systems than any other microsegmentation platform in the industry -- including end of support operating systems; Windows Server 2000 through 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP; all Linux distributions; IBM AIX, IBM iSeries AS/400, Oracle Solaris, and HP-UX.

Organizations can set microsegmentation policies and security rules in real time using combinations of 'allow' and 'block' policies across their entire legacy infrastructure, preventing malicious traffic from reaching critical servers.

"Protecting legacy infrastructure and IT is one of the biggest challenges CISOs face. As enterprises digitally transform and adopt cloud, IoT, and DevOps, the legacy servers that are the backbone of a company are overlooked and represent a significant risk. These are the platforms that are no longer supported, cannot be patched, but also can't be removed because they're still driving revenues," says Sharon Besser, VP business development at Guardicore. "In addition to Cloud and Containers, Guardicore protects more legacy servers than any other microsegmentation vendor in the industry -- the addition of IBM iSeries AS/400 servers extends our leadership position. Guardicore Centra gives CISOs an alternative to legacy firewalls to enforce microsegmentation and Zero Trust controls on critical legacy servers and modern environments from the same platform."

You can find out more on the Guardicore site.

Image Credit: rosedesigns / Shutterstock

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