Logitech Voice M380 Wireless Mouse with Speech Input is exclusive to China

When is a mouse not just a mouse? When it has a dedicated voice button, apparently. In collaboration with Baidu, Logitech is launching an all-new mouse which features such a button. Called "Voice M380 Wireless Mouse with Speech Input," Logitech's newest product is exclusive to China and is priced at 199 RMB -- that's equivalent to about $30 here in the USA.

It appears to have no thumb buttons, but it does have both vertical and horizontal scrolling -- a feature I adore for working with large (particularly wide) spreadsheets. Besides the off-white color seen above, it will also be available in graphite and rose.

"Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, the Logitech Voice M380 Wireless Mouse features a clearly labeled voice button that allows people to dictate text using speech recognition technology. It offers translation capability to English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and Thai. The Logitech Voice M380 Wireless Mouse offers precise cursor control, a comfortable rubber grip and up to 18-months battery life," says Logitech.


Delphine Donne-Crock, Logitech's general manager of the creativity and productivity business group explains, "We saw an opportunity to leverage the power of Baidu AI to bring fast, accurate speech recognition to our customers and the result is pure magic -- a mouse that allows you to instantly start dictating with your voice at the click of a button."

While it is unfortunate that the Logitech Voice M380 Wireless Mouse with Speech Input is not coming to America, no one should be surprised given the use of Baidu services. Hopefully Logitech can bring a similar product to the USA in the future.

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