Plugable updates USBC-VAMETER power meter tester with rotating screen

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And that's why I bet you are the type of person to appreciate the second generation of a product from Plugable. Called "USBC-VAMETER," this little dongle serves one purpose -- to feed you information about the power being passed through a USB-C cable. You can use this for troubleshooting or just because it's super cool to know this info. The device can detect currents in both directions, and the second-gen model also has a rotatable screen orientation -- a huge improvement over its predecessor.

"The USBC-VAMETER, following a product refresh to update the design and technology, has the unique ability to quickly identify any charging problems between your USB-C chargers and devices and can do so without all the extra noise. The device only shows essential information that users of all skill levels can understand -- including voltage, amperage, and electrical current direction -- which will then inform the user of how much power their device is receiving to find and fix any power issues in real-time," says Plugable.

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The company explains that with gen 2, it has "enhanced the bidirectional nature of the meter, adding a button to rotate the screen orientation to make switching between the two as easy as ever, has added a brighter and easier-to-read screen, and created an overall more robust design with strengthened USB-C Connectors. The meter will not interfere with the USB data, USB-C Alternate Mode, video, or USB-C charging because of its transparent interposer, and supports 4-20V, 50mA 10A operating range and all USB data (1.1 through 3/1 Gen 2)."

The second-generation USBC-VAMETER from Plugable can be purchased from Amazon immediately here. While the normal price is $29.95, for a limited time, you can get an additional $6 off. That's right, it can be yours for less than $24! Please be sure to click the coupon box before adding it to your cart.

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