Microsoft pushes improved Windows Terminal 1.7 to the stable channel

Windows Terminal

After a period of testing, Microsoft has now launched the stable version of Windows Terminal 1.7. There are various notable changes in this release, particularly the arrival of a proper UI for editing settings.

The idea behind the introduction of a settings user interface in Windows Terminal v1.7.1033.0 is that it makes life a great deal easier for anyone who is not familiar or comfortable with JSON file tinkering. Significant as this is, it is not the only change to be found in this new stable release.

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As we have already seen in the preview builds of the software, this release includes opt-in single-instancing and window remote control. There is also support for Ppofile fragments, which Microsoft says can be used by app developers to provide additional information to Terminal. There are also a number of bugs fixes and general improvements.

You can download Windows Terminal v1.7.1033.0 here.

Here's the full list of changes as shared by the Windows Terminal team over on GitHub:


  • When navigating and searching the command palette, Terminal will now announce more status changes to Narrator/NVDA (#9582)

Settings and Settings UI

  • We've chosen to remove "base layer" from the Settings UI for its move into the stable channel so that we can nail its design (#9655)
    • Please direct feedback about this into #9539. It's closed, but it's an excellent discussion issue.
  • The vintage cursor height and history size boxes in the UI are now clamped to appropriate ranges (#9370) (thanks @eugenesmlv!)

Bug Fixes

  • You can now interact with hyperlinks when the application is in mouse mode (#9396) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • Terminal Stable, Preview and Dev will now use different shell extension IDs (#9510)
    • You may hate this one if you use a bunch of different Terminal installs...
  • scrollToBottom will no longer puzzlingly make the viewport jump to the ... top? That can't be right... (#9389) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • In preview 1.7, we broke pixel shader loading. We've now unbroken it. (#9371)
  • The read-only tab dialog no longer treats Escape to mean "please yes, kill the read-only tab" (#9573) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • You can now duplicate panes/tabs that have not yet told us their working directory (because we already know which one we started them in...) (#9397) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The settings UI sidebar will no longer appear as floating text over a transparent background (#9752)
  • If you try to (with a key binding) switch to a tab that does not exist, we will no longer send the resulting control sequence into the terminal (#9781) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The arrow keys will no longer dismiss the tab renamer (oops) (#9633) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The tab close menu will no longer circumvent read-only panes (#9571) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • We now propagate taskbar progress state in more places, so they should be more reliable (#9779) (thanks @Don-Vito!)


  • The browse buttons will no longer cause a crash when you're running as Administrator (ugh) (#9760)
  • We're going to immediately cease and desist shouting at you about totally valid font names (#9734)
    • Font fallback used to be detected by string comparison, so "JetBrains Mono" and "Jetbrains Mono" were considered to be different...
    • Sometimes we couldn't find Cascadia, even though it's in our package...
    • We did not support localized names for fonts, so we thought that "MS ゴシック" and "MS Gothic" were two different fonts (they are not)
  • We've resolved a resource leak that resulted in Terminal slowing down, down, down over time (#9729)
    • This is @lhecker's first commit since he officially joined the team! Woo!
  • We will finally no longer crash when you display a bunch of wide glyphs and resize like crazy (MSFT !5903250) (#4907)
  • We've fixed a crash in the pattern buffer (thanks Miles O'Brien) (#9618)
  • App package fragments in invalid folders will no longer trip us up (#9477)
  • The shell extension lost 50% of its weight (yay!) (#9552)
  • We've shaved 120kb off OpenConsole.exe (#9581)
  • Terminal will no longer crash if you write weird empty nested commands in your settings.json file (#9495) (thanks @Don-Vito!)


We (well, @Don-Vito) fixed so many issues in selection that we're giving it its own subcategory.

  • Shift + multiple clicks will now work more reasonably (#9403); multi-click selection is now more reliable (#9455); selection start (#9727) and drag (#9790) have been vetted and fixed where appropriate.

Visual fit and finish

  • The maximize/restore button will now actually display the right tooltip when maximized (#9412) (thanks @Chips1234!)
  • We've fixed the bug where the tab switcher/command palette displayed chevrons and icons in all the wrong places (#9487) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The actions page no longer has a strange gap on the left (#9780) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The settings tab's close menu item looked different from everyone else's; now it does not (#9324)
  • The close button now fades to the correct color (#9763) (thanks @BreeceW!)
  • The tab bar has been given some horizontal breathing room (#9575) (thanks @gabrielconl!)

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