New platform helps find and fix security blind spots

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The pandemic boost to digital transformation last year has brought security into the spotlight as companies have scrambled to shift almost their entire organization to remote operations.

It’s more important than ever for businesses to identify and fix risks that could leave them open to a data breach, which is why RedMonocle is adding new features to its SaaS platform aimed at helping CISOs and other security leaders anticipate threats in their technology security stack.

"CISOs are feeling extra pressure this year to minimize security risks across the ever growing security stack while maintaining compliance to security standards and fending off daily threats from well-funded attackers," says Sean McDermott, CEO and co-founder of RedMonocle. "Every day security leaders are playing a highly complex game of chess knowing there are parts of the board they can't even see. CISOs know they have blind spots hidden in their security stack. Now, they want to know what to do next and we want to help them get there."


New features on the RedMonocle platform include a Security Stack Assessment and Always-On Risk Intelligence. The Security Stack Assessment helps CISOs and cybersecurity leaders find cyber risk blind spots by checking for gaps and overlaps in the current system that could risk compliance failures, increase costs and leave company and consumer data exposed to malicious activity. This assessment simplifies the way CISOs can compare the security of their stack with their selected security standards.

Always-On Risk Intelligence helps find blind spots before they become a problem and highlights how to fix them. This update also compares stack to standard and continuously tracks gaps in compliance so companies can always be prepared for audits.

You can find out more on the RedMonocle site.

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