Surprisingly unproblematic KB5001391 update brings speed boost to Windows 10

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File under "color us surprised": the KB5001391 update that Microsoft released for Windows 10 recently has been well-received by users.

Feedback about the update shows that people who have installed KB5001391 are happy not only with the fact that it adds News and Interests to the taskbar, but also that it seems to be stable and problem free. Some users are even finding that their system is performing better after installing this particular update.

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It could be that KB5001391 represents something of a turning point for Microsoft, breaking the trend of hugely problematic updates that seem to have been a hallmark of 2021. While this particular update is not entirely perfect -- Microsoft notes two known issues for which there are workarounds -- there do not appear to have been any nasty surprises this time around.

On one hand, the fact that this is a cumulative update preview makes the lack of problem all the more startling, but on the other, it is an optional update which may not have been installed by a large number of people. The smaller audience for the update could be what accounts for the apparent absence of issues. As Reddit user swDev3db points out, the update has only just been released "and it will take a few days to hear about any problems from people who install it".

Redditor maxlvb was similarly impressed, saying:

Just installed this update on all three of my computers running Windows 10 Pro 20H2 without any problems.

All three computers updated in around 10 minutes, including the reboot...

Some people are discovering that merely installing KB5001391 is not enough to unlock News and Interests in the taskbar (it is something that Microsoft is still rolling out gradually, but this specific update is required). Others -- like Cubing-Cuber2008 who was among those who did not see the feature after installation -- have been pleasantly surprised by a performance boost: "[the update] only gave me a speed boost. but hey that's still better than nothing!".

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