System76 begins shipping Linux computers to Mexico, including ones made in the USA

When you live in the USA, you get used to buying things that are made in other countries. It is just very common to see things stamped with "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico." Some Americans take issue with this, actively trying to buy products made in the USA, but this can be quite hard. Even American car companies, like Ford, outsource labor to foreign counties, such as Mexico.

System76 is a company that sells computers preloaded with Linux-based operating systems, including laptops and desktops. While its laptops are not yet manufactured in the USA, its beautiful Thelio desktops are handcrafted here. And now, in an interesting twist, System76 has begun shipping its computers to customers in Mexico.

Why do I say this is interesting? Well, like I previously stated, Americans are used to seeing products made in Mexico on store shelves. And most computers are not made in the USA, nor are they running Linux. So to think that a company in the USA is making Linux desktops and selling them to people in Mexico is pretty damn neat.

This move shows that trade between countries shouldn't be seen as a negative. We are all humans, folks. Not to mention, Mexico is only the latest foreign country where System76 will be shipping product. There are currently many other countries supported too.

Are you someone living in Mexico that has been clamoring for a System76 computer running Linux? Will this news now make you buy one? Please tell me in the comments below.

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