Less cloudy outlook -- demand for on-premises software isn't going away


Despite the rise in cloud-based applications, on-premises software continues to show significant growth and demand from enterprise customers.

A new report from Dimensional Research sponsored by Replicated shows customer demand for on-premises software is equal to that for public cloud, and more than 90 percent of software companies surveyed say their on-premises sales continue to rise.

The survey of over 400 software vendor engineers, CTOs, CIOs, and other decision-makers also shows more than 70 percent of those who don’t currently offer an on-premises option are already planning to in the near future.


"In the past few years we've experienced a steady increase in interest from leading global companies who see that modern on-prem software delivery through containers and Kubernetes can make data protection and security much easier," says Grant Miller, co-founder and CEO of Replicated. "Coupled with growing customer demand, it's a win-win scenario for any industry."

Privacy compliance is cited as the top reason for using on-premises software delivery, others include the ability to integrate with established solutions, reliability, and customization options.

From the developer side complexity, time commitments, and the cost of engineering resources are the main reasons for not offering an on-premises option. While many companies were created to be fluent in cloud, building and maintaining new on-premises software deployments can be challenging and slow in comparison. While most say they already use container-based applications and Kubernetes in their production environments, 85 percent report their customers still need help with container-based installs. Adding to this, only 16 percent say they can complete a customer install in less than one week.

The full report is available from the Replicated site.

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