NewerTech launches USB-C to HDMI and DisplayPort adapters

Some computer manufacturers have been trying to kill USB-A and push consumers towards USB-C, but so far, this scheme has not been successful. Don't get me wrong, USB-C is wonderful -- the reversible connector is far superior to the previous USB design -- but there are just too many USB-A devices in the world to have it disappear completely. While he death of USB-A is a certainty, it is still many years away.

If you have one of those newfangled computers that only come with USB-C, you can always buy a hub, dongle, or adapter. For instance, today, NewerTech launches two new USB-C video adapters. One converts USB-C to HDMI and the other to DisplayPort. These USB-C dongles aren't just great for connecting to computer monitors, but televisions too.

"Stream sports, watch videos, play games, or browse the internet on up to a 4K HDMI or display, TV, or projector with the NewerTech USB-C to HDMI and USB-C to DisplayPort Adapters. Both are backwards compatible with earlier versions of HDMI and DisplayPort so that you can connect your USB-C-equipped computer or device to any DisplayPort and HDMI-equipped display anywhere at its maximum resolution," says NewerTech.

The OWC subsidiary further explains, "With both the NewerTech USB-C to HDMI and USB-C to DisplayPort Adapters, you can add a second display to extend your desktop view space and increase your productivity. Kick back with family and friends and watch videos and movies on a big screen. See more page content when browsing the web. These handy adapters make all sorts of content viewing more accessible and more convenient. Both are made with the highest quality standards to deliver unrivaled performance and reliability."

Both NewerTech USB-C video dongles are available immediately. The HDMI variant can be purchased here for $12.99, while the DisplayPort model can be had here for $18.99.

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