Save over 50% on a Windows 10 OEM license -- upgrade your PC today!

Are you in the market for a new copy of Windows 10? Perhaps you’re building a new PC from scratch or looking to move up from an older version of Windows. Maybe you’re looking to run a version of Windows alongside macOS or Linux? Whatever your reasons, a Windows 10 OEM license is a great choice.

OEM licenses are cheaper than full retail versions -- while they’re tied to a single PC and non-transferrable, they’re a great fit for many. Read on to discover why you should consider Windows 10 OEM and how to get a great deal on both Windows 10 Home OEM and Windows 10 Pro OEM.

Think Windows 10 OEM and you’re probably assuming it’s an option for new system builders only. OEM licenses can be used on one machine -- once installed and activated, they’re tied to that device, but otherwise work in exactly the same way as a full Windows 10 license. That includes unlimited Windows reinstalls and access to all future Windows 10 updates, including the forthcoming Spring Update.

In fact, Windows 10 OEM is perfect for any kind of fresh install you can think of. It’s the obvious choice for those building a new PC from scratch – the lower price means you save money on the cost of your build, which could be reinvested in more powerful hardware -- but you may also need a fresh OEM license if you’ve upgraded your motherboard with a different model.

OEM is also a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or even 7. XP and Vista users can’t simply upgrade their install to Windows 10 anyway, and while the option exists in Windows 7, it’s not recommended for compatibility and performance reasons. Take advantage of the update to install a fresh, pristine copy of Windows 10.

An OEM license also fits the bill should you want to run Windows alongside another operating system -- either in a dual-boot configuration (such as a Boot Camp configuration on the Mac) or in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop or VMware. In either event, it’s a more cost-effective choice than splashing out on a full retail license.

Your Windows 10 OEM license entitles you to the latest version of Windows 10, and all future Windows 10 updates too

Get your deal
If you’d like to purchase an OEM license, we’ve lined up two great offers with a minimum saving of 50 percent on the MSRP. Get a single, non-transferrable Windows 10 Home OEM license for just $69.99 -- that’s half price (usual MSRP $139.99).

Or, for just $20 more, you can get a single, non-transferrable Windows 10 Professional OEM license for $89.99, saving you 55 percent on the MSRP (normally $199.99). Pro-only features include BitLocker drive encryption, access to the Group Policy tool and mobile device management.

Both licenses are for a single PC and are non-transferrable. They’re designed to be installed on a new or clean PC -- upgrading from an older version of Windows is not supported. After purchase, you’ll need to download the very latest version (October 2020 Update), which you’ll use to create the boot media (blank DVD or 8GB+ USB flash drive) you'll need to install Windows 10. After installation and activation, all future Windows 10 feature updates, including the new Spring 2021 Update, are free.

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