Much anticipated Donald Trump blog considered a failure

Donald Trump

After being removed from all social media following the January 6 insurrection -- his beloved Twitter, along with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram -- it was determined that the best way to get Donald Trump back online would be a blog. A place for him to type thoughts and feelings, a stream of consciousness, much as his tweets were. If you missed his typos and random capital letters then it could be the place for you. 

However, there currently aren’t a lot of entries on his new blog and he isn’t a riveting writer. Worse still, the Washington Post speculates that interest in him is simply wavering. 

"On the Internet, former president Donald Trump is sliding toward something he has fought his entire life: irrelevance," says the piece.

The paper points out his Twitter mentions are at a five-year low. And despite all the promotion from Trump and his associates, there have been less than 2,000 shares on Facebook. 

To make things worse for "The Donald", in May Facebook upheld its ban of his page there as well as his Instagram one. 

If you care to visit the blog to see what he has to say, you can do so here.

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