Cybershoes for Oculus Quest now available to buy on Amazon

If you suffer from motion sickness in VR games, or you just want to feel more like you’re "there", then Cybershoes offers a possible solution.

They are smart overshoes that you use to walk or run through virtual games, and are compatible with most of the popular VR headsets, including the Quest 2. You can read my review of them here. If you’ve been tempted to buy them but haven't yet got around to it, the good news is they are now being sold on Amazon in the US.

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That’s not the only good news either, as a number of new Oculus Quest games have integrated Cybershoes as a native locomotion option, including In Death: Unchained and The Wizards -- Dark Times, the sequel to Carbon Studio’s VR spellcaster The Wizards.

"Launching on Amazon is huge for us because it allows easier access to Cybershoes for Quest gamers who might have been on the fence for our crowdfunding campaigns," said Michael Bieglmayer, CEO of Cybershoes. "Not to mention that fans will have a variety of fantastic games to choose from as soon as our box shows up on their doorstep! We can’t wait for a whole new audience of VR gamers to experience what Cybershoes are all about."

The latest Cybershoes wireless model, compatible with Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets, is available to buy on Amazon now for $349.

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