The challenge of keeping remote work secure

home working security

In a rapid and unprecedented shift, over 60 percent of Americans worked from home in 2020. But this has thrown up new challenges for businesses trying to keep their systems secure.

Authentication specialist Beyond Identity has produced an infographic looking at how vulnerable systems and applications can be in the work from home era.


Attacks targeting remote workers increased five fold in the first six weeks of lockdown and 20 percent of companies experienced data breaches linked to remote workers. In addition cyberattacks in general have soared, in particular phishing which was up over 600 percent.

Key concerns for admins include home networks being less secure, and difficulty in managing and supporting devices remotely. As remote work now seems here to stay for many, 76 percent of companies say they will need more time to detect and contain breaches.

You can see more, including a look at the effectiveness of multi-factor authentication solutions, in the full graphic below.

Image credit: AndrewLozovyi/

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