WDDM 3.0 to bring support for graphical Linux apps in Windows 11

Windows 11

Tomorrow is the day we learn more about Windows 11. Microsoft's big event is going to be packed with information about the upcoming version of the operating system, but the leaks that have already made their way to the internet mean there's already a lot that we know.

There is undeniably a lot to look forward to, although many have already decried Windows 11 as being little more than a new theme pack for Windows 10. One thing we know Windows 11 includes is WDDM 3.0 (Windows Display Driver Model) and this means WSL GUI, or WSLg for short -- or, to put it another way, graphical Linux apps in Windows.

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This is demonstrative of Microsoft's ongoing love affair with Linux. The company has been showing its appreciation for the platform with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) which makes it possible to run Linux distros and execute various Linux commands within Windows 10 already. But the arrival of fully fledged WLSg support takes things to the next level.

Support for WLSg is not entirely new. It has been available to beta testers on the Windows Insider program for a little while, but the inclusion of WDDM 3.0 in Windows 11 sees the arrival of two key improvements to the graphics architecture:

  • User mode driver compiled for Linux in the WSL package.
  • Host driver mounted in Linux

The ability to run Linux GUI apps in Windows 11 may not be something that will appeal to everyone, but it is a key development for anyone who works across platforms.

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