WhyNotWin11 is a better Windows 11 compatibility checker


There is huge interest in Windows 11, in particular finding out if a computer can be upgraded to the latest version of Windows when it is released in the coming months. Microsoft has released its own PC Health Check app that reveals whether a computer can run Windows 11, but it is not overly informative -- even though it has been updated to provide more information.

But PC Health Check is not the only tool for checking if you can upgrade to Windows 11 or not. Another option is WhyNotWin11, which helps you to determine if you hardware is up to the task, including checking what TPM version your system has.

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This compatibility checker can be run on computers that are still running Windows 7 -- although if you're stuck with this ancient operating system, the chances of being able to run Windows 11 are probably a little slim. The developer of WhyNotWin11 describes it as a "Detection Script to help identify why your PC isn't Windows 11 ready".

WhyNotWin11 will check hardware compatibility in a number of areas including CPU type, TPM version, amount of RAM and more.

Run the tool -- you'll need to run it as administrator – and, hopefully, you will see results that look something like this image:


You can grab WhyNotWin11 here. If you want to compare it to Microsoft's own tool, PC Health Check is available to download here.

Image credit: creo2 / Shutterstock

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