Here are the new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

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With the upcoming release of Windows 11, there is a lot of attention focused on certain areas of the operating system -- notably centering of the Start menu, the arrival of widgets, and the visual tweaks that Microsoft has introduced.

But there are also new keyboard shortcuts. These provide easy access to many of the new features of Windows 11 and are a faster way of getting around than using a mouse or trackpad. Not only are there completely new shortcuts to learn, but some key combinations have changed from Windows 10, and have inherited new functions in Windows 11.

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There are not a huge number of new keyboard shortcuts to learn in Windows 11; not at the moment, anyway -- it is possible that more will be added as development continues.

In all, there are four shortcuts. This may not seem like many, but it's still worth consigning them to memory as they can dramatically speed up get around Windows.

The list of new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11 is presented here alphabetically:

Windows + A -- opens Quick Settings, the same as clicking the volume / network icons in the taskbar

Windows + N -- opens the Notification Center to the right of the screen

Windows + W -- opens the Widgets pane to the left of the screen

Windows + Z -- opens the Snap Layouts pane to the upper right of the currently active window or application

If you've become used to Windows + W opening the Windows Ink workspace, you're going to have to retrain yourself and remember its new function -- if you decide to embrace widgets, that is.

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