Google is making it easier to hide the searches you want to keep secret


Perform a search using Google, and details of your search are saved in your Google account for posterity -- unless, of course, you take action.

If you want to keep a search to yourself, you could use Incognito mode in Chrome and it will not be saved. Or you could manually delete your search history, although this does mean losing potentially useful historic information; the same is true of the auto-delete option for your online activity. But now there is new option to delete the last 15 minutes of search activity -- just enough to cover your tracks when you need to.

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Google announced the ability to have the last quarter-of-an-hours' worth of searches wiped out earlier in the year, but it is only now starting to roll out. The option is great for those times you forget to take steps to keep things private ahead of time, but it is limited to mobile platforms.

In fact, for now it is only available for iOS users, with Google saying:

You can also try out a new way to quickly delete your last 15 minutes of saved Search history with the single tap of a button. This feature is available in the Google app for iOS, and is coming to the Android Google app later this year.

Think of it as a panic button or an emergency "undo" option for searches -- something many people will call on time and time again.

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