Google is rolling out its unified backup service, Backup by Google One

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Backing up Android data is getting a whole lot easier as Google starts the roll out of Backup by Google One. The service makes it easy to backup everything from SMS, MMS and call logs, to Wi-Fi passwords and photos.

The company has not made a great deal about the rollout, making no announcement about it. This is perhaps understandable as it is essentially a consolidation and rebranding of a previously disparate selection of settings and tools.

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With Backup by Google One, what has happened is the backup option found in Android have been merged with those found in the Google One app. The unification makes a great deal of sense, making things easier for users looking to safeguard their data and settings, as well as making further management and development simpler for Google technicians.

Not only does Backup by Google One bring more options into one place, potentially meaning people are more likely to use them, it also brings granular control. Eliminating the need to use an app due to the fact that everything is accessed through Android's Settings is also a big step forward in terms of user-friendliness.

As standard, anyone using Backup by Google One has access to 15GB of cloud-based storage for free. If you need more space for photos and other data, you'll need to pay to upgrade. And, as 9to5Google points out, "despite the 'Google One' branding, this backup system will be available to all Google Accounts".

The rollout of Backup by Google Drive starts now for all devices running Android 8.0 and above. Google says that the process will be completed in the coming weeks, and that as more people get access to the unified service, the company will issue more information about it.

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