PrintNightmare fixing KB5005033 update is causing performance issues in Windows 10

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The PrintNightmare vulnerability continues to cause headaches for Windows users and Microsoft alike. Similarly, Microsoft's seemingly endless stream of problematic updates continues to lead to frustration -- and August's Patch Tuesday updates have not broken the cycle.

Windows 10 users who have installed the KB5005033 update that was supposed to fix the PrintNightmare security flaw are reporting unwanted side effects. Among the problems being reported are issues with reduced performance, particularly in games.

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This is not the first time an update for Windows has caused a reduction in gaming performance, and certainly not the first time an update has proved to be problematic. Over on Reddit, as well as on Twitter and Windows forums, complaints are trickling in about a variety of issues from gamers.

"Performance on games tanked" says one user following the installation of the KB5005033 update. Others complain of reduced framerates in games, stuttering playback and more.

Not all of the problems are gaming-related, however. There are also complaints about sudden random freezes in Windows and one user saying that the "update crashed my system entirely" to the point that it "won't even allow recovery to run".

Other reported problems include issues with the Microsoft Store app, audio issues and broken network connections. It is, of course, possible that not all of these issues are related to the update, and Microsoft is yet to formally acknowledge any of them as known problems. This could well change in due course, however.

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