Tweaking tool ThisIsWin11 is 'the real PowerToys for Windows 11'


Windows 11 may not have had a proper release yet, but there are already tools and apps available for the latest version of the operating system. We've already seen Start11 for tweaking the Start menu, and now we have ThisIsWin11 for tweaking, customizing and debloating Windows 11.

This free app makes it easy to remove unwanted components from Windows 11 to help create a more streamlined system, as well as giving you great options for customization. You can increase your privacy and security by changing settings in ThisIsWin11 that are deeply hidden within Windows, and it quickly becomes clear why the developer calls this "the real PowerToys for Windows 11".

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Of course, we already have an official PowerToys collection for Windows 11, but this has disappointed some people because of the lack of a tweaking tool like the TweakUI of old. This is something that ThisIsWin11 aims to address, providing users with numerous ways to customize the appearance of Windows 11, boost performance, and generally take control of the operating system.

While there are plenty of options here that will appeal to more advanced users -- such as locking down telemetry or using a packaging installer to install numerous apps at the same time -- there is also a very useful introduction-cum-tutorial for Windows 11 included.

You can spend a good deal of time working your way through the various sections of ThisIsWin11, putting in place endless tweaks, but there are also faster, automated options available. These one-click options can be used to quickly remove built-in components of Windows 11, reclaim drive space and much more.

The great news is that the app developer fully intends to continue expanding the capabilities of ThisIsWin11 as Microsoft releases further builds of Windows 11 that add or change features and options.

You can find out more and download a copy of ThisIsWin11 here. You can also keep up-to-date with the project over on its GitHub page.

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